World Wide Knit In Public Day

Saturday 10th June 2017
10am – 3pm

Come and join The Yarn Dispensary with Sublime Yarn from Sirdar for the largest knitter-run event in the world.

Founded in 2005 by Danielle Landes to promote ‘Better living by stitching together’ WWKIP DAY has grown annually to encompass 1015 individual events in 57 countries.

Where is it?
We’ll have a jolly red and white striped gazebo directly opposite the shop in the Market Place to be outside with our friends at Faversham Markets for a bit of social knitting.

What’s happening?
Come along and learn how to get started or bring your current project for a few alfresco rows.
We’ll have tutors on hand to help you and free lessons (a timetable will be available from The Yarn Dispensary, other local outlets as well as online nearer the date.)

What to bring:
If you’re a non-knitter….your curiosity, enthusiasm and willingness to give it a go – we’ll show you how it works.
No previous experience required.
If you already indulge in yarnie happiness bring a current project and hang out with some like-minded souls.

Why are we getting involved?
We passionately feel that the yarn industry has a role in bringing people together to share the social side of knitting as well as encouraging a skill that can bring a great deal of calm to everyday life; whilst it doesn’t change what’s going on in the world, it can certainly help how you deal with it.
There’s the company of knitting with a group or the quiet solace of knitting alone.
The repetition of this visual spatial craft creates the same theta brain wave rhythm as meditation which is why it’s being used increasingly as a mindfulness technique, rehab tool, stress buster and form of pain management.

Our help to make it happen….
Proud to be supported on WWKIP DAY Saturday 10th June by Sublime Yarns from Sirdar Spinning Ltd

Outdoor space, gazebo, bench seating and fresh air enthusiasm provided by Grahame and the endlessly brilliant team at Faversham Markets

Socks Yeah! DK

Launched at The Yarn Dispensary by Rachel Coopey.

The latest yarn from designer Rachel Coopey and (it’s too hard to resist the inevitable pun) comes hot on the heels of the success of the finer gauge Socks Yeah!

This latest collaboration with Fyberspates is a 75% fine superwash Merino wool/25% nylon blend so is robust, soft and machine washable on a 30 degree wool cycle – very user friendly.

The stitch definition is especially clean and pleasing in stocking stitch which makes it a great choice for garments as well as for socks.

We knitted the simple stocking stitch sweater with rolled edges from Erika Knight’s Knit for Baby leaflet to give the yarn a bit of a workout and were delighted with the results…’s available in the shop for you to see for yourselves.

If you’re a sock knitter, Rachel has designed a free pattern for you to give her new yarn a go: Bob (Friend of Dave) has a stocking stitch foot with textural columns on the cuff to show off the strong vertical definition of the fibres and can be found on ravelry or in store with a purchase of the yarn.

Ten colours
112m per skein

Workshop list for 2017

For details of evening and Saturday workshop classes 2017 for both knitting and crochet click here. Tickets for classes from January until July go on sale 10am Tuesday 17 January.

Pom Pom Quarterly – Issue 20 Spring 2017

Nine beautiful patterns to lead us in to Spring with the hope of brighter days and lighter weight yarns. As we expect from PPQ, in addition to interesting design, there’s insightful comment from Anna Maltz’s column and the galvanising affirmation that knitters are far from woolly-minded. A good read, a lovely pattern resource and the appealing production that we have come to know and love.




Hedgehog Fibres

31 shades of Skinny Singles and all 30 shades of Sock Minis were added to stock; the Skinny Singles are selling so rapidly that a few shades are sold out already.

It’s been worth the wait as the colours are outstandingly good, the handle of the yarn is glorious and it’s great watching your inventive colour combining of Skinny Singles with shots of contrast in the form of a Sock Mini (or two. Or three. Or ………)

All we need now is a huge delivery of extra hours in the day and more knitting time please!

Happy Birthday to us

Thursday 1st September 2016

Can you believe we’ll be celebrating soon? What a year it has been and all thanks to the extraordinary support of you lovely lot.
We will be kicking off a month of jollity by being open for a bit during the day (1pm – 5pm) as well as our Knit Night from 7pm – 9pm.

Limited edition custom dyed Birthday yarn

To celebrate the best way we know…with yarn…we have worked with the magicians at SweetGeorgia Yarns to create a unique colourway of handpainted Superwash DK that echoes the hues of The Yarn Dispensary.
This custom shade launching in September will be exclusive to us and available in a limited quantity this year alongside semi solid shades to allow you to scheme and dream to your heart’s content.

The Yarn Dispensary Birthday Blend No.1
on a 234m per skein 100% superwash merino dk base; it echoes the colours of the shop from the rich blue pigeonholes, the bone white walls, the warm oak beams to the dusky grey of our frontage and the burnished gold of the pestle and mortar above the doorway.

One hundred skeins only
£24 a skein


The Yarn Dispensary on Instagram

 It's landed! The bumper 5th anniversary edition and the revamp of the first ever one from 2012 with fab new photos, yarn suggestions and all the good things. Limited stock. First come, first served #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #pompomquarterly #lustworthy #stampede  The top of our shelves wall is looking mighty bare without our old remedy bottles. This lovely building was built in 1240 so our Georgian pharmacy fixtures are cutting edge by comparison! We've taken them down to clean them, they'll soon be back in their rightful place. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #originalcharacter #houseworkatworkwork  Currently closed awaiting a locksmith as key snapped in deadbolt. Will let you know when we've been released! Meanwhile, on with the admin. How's your day going? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #notthesortoflockinwehopefor  It amuses us that our goodie bag assembly line for Yarn Shop Day with @coopknits @fyberspates @eastlondonknit is colour co-ordinated to go with the @tunnocksuk As ever, there's 5 bags on offer (fewer bags = superb contents) for the first five customers spending over £50 on @fyberspates or @coopknits yarn You like? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarnshopday #coopknits #fyberspates #eastlondonknit  Friday show and tell. Lovely work, gorgeous yarn, happy knitter! #regram @little_bear_knits I know I've made mistakes but overall I'm quite pleased. Never made a scarf like this before. It actually feels really nice on, very soft, and I know I'll wear it. Would have liked a diagram or pic of finished product so I could check shaping Have already started another of his patterns though @westknits Used @fyberspates yarn from @theyarndispensary #yarn #theyarndispensary #ilovetoknit #knittersofinstagram #circularscarf #knittingoncircularneedles
 One of our wonderful Knit Night rabble is on it with the winter knits already! @auroraknit used @debbieblissknits baby cashmerino for the Asklov hat from @pompommag autumn 2016 edition #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #knitnight #pompomquarterly #debbiebliss #asklövhat #toodamnorganisedbyfar #orlateforlastyear  Forward planning with Sublime Yarns @knitsirdar in Yorkshire has upped the scribbling rate - now to find a way to up the available hours in a day. Anybody?? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yorkshire #outofoffice #sublimeyarns #knitsirdar  Be honest....we all understand the knit-pattern-model-cuteness personified by Mabel and the need to squish yarn; relishing the soft @knightkraft Gossypium Cotton - she sums up Yarn Shop Day delight (her mum @flossieinstitches was less floorboard based in her happiness!) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarnshopday #cutestuff  'Have you got any more of these?' has been the regular question since we borrowed this Lakelet Shawl from @eastlondonknit.....if you'd like one and are available on Saturday 13th May you can book onto a workshop class to start one of your very own (and then you can wait for the inevitable 'gorgeous shawl, where did you get it?' ) We think it's a great project, don't you? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #workshops #eastlondonknit #lakeletshawl #comeandgetyoursgoing  This is what will greet my students for tonight's very different approach to colour theory - they did all the brain work in Part 1, this evening is all about multi-sensory learning and hands-on playing with two mood boards. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #workshops #eveningclasses #thisisoneofmyfavourites
 Thank you so much Anna! #regram @annanikipirowicz Busy, busy colourful workshops today @theyarndispensary Tunnocks teacakes, tea, lots of laughter plus huge amount of crochet techniques mastered equals very happy ladies and very happy Anna  #crochet #workshop #improveyourcrochet #crochetaddict #LYS #loveyarn #crochetofinstagram #crochetlove #annanikipirowicz #moochka #theyarndispensary #faversham  Having dug out some materials for teaching Beginners' Cables tonight there's time for a few rows of my own knitting #bonus  Aaaahhhhh, a brief moment to sit down with Jeni and Rachel. It's been a phenomenal day so huge thanks to @coopknits @fyberspates and @eastlondonknit for being the most amazing, talented, yarn industry stars in support of taken when @eastlondonknit had headed off to play at the wonderful @wildandwoollyshop hope they have a great afternoon! Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took the time to join us today - you make our job a joy x #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarnshopday #coopknits #fyberspates #eastlondonknit #ourcustomersareawesome #thanksallround  #regram @eastlondonknit A fantastic version of the #laketshawl by indie dyer of excellence @thewoolkitchen  I'll be teaching a workshop on the shawl at @theyarndispensary in a couple of weeks! Sign up if you'd like to learn about I-cord edges, lace charts & altering your shawl patterns! #eastlondonknit #shawlknitting #knittersofinstagram #igknitters #knittersoftheworld #yarnlove #knitting_inspiration #i_loveknitting #knitallthethings #knitting #instaknit #knitstagram #knitsagram #shareyourknits #strick #stickat #strikk #knittinglife #knitlife #knitlove #best_knitters  A bit of show and tell for midweek: Val came in to show us her finished knits from recent purchases at her favourite LYS. Swipe through for all three. Cable jacket in @debbieblissknits Falkland Aran - delicious buttery squidgy yarn Shawl in @hedgehogfibres Skinny Singles An @storeymartin wrap in @thefibrecompany Cumbria Needles on fire! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #debbiebliss #falklandaran #hedgehogfibres #martinstorey #thefibrecompany #cumbria #knittersofinstagram
 Bike envy thanks to blogger @cyclechic_uk bringing this beautiful British built @templecycles in for a photo shoot against our Georgian pharmacy fixtures (with the newly cleaned antique bottles returned to their shelf) and colourful yarns #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #cyclechic #templecycles #bikeenvy #hedgehogfibres #sublimeyarn #knitsirdar #erikaknight #debbiebliss #thefibrecompany  Open! You can come in now. Super locksmith has liberated us from the failed deadbolt of doom. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #normalservicehasbeenresumed  Braced for impact in Yarn Shop Day with the launch of the delicious Socks Yeah! DK.....there's a queue outside already.... #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarnshopday #coopknits #fyberspates #eastlondonknit #startyourengines  On the countdown to the launch of @coopknits Socks Yeah! DK on Yarn Shop Day Saturday 6th May with the sweater from @knightkraft Knit for Baby in progress using the zingy green shade Aeacus....lovely handle and the stitch definition, especially vertically is impressing us. We can see this new yarn being a star turn for garments too. Not enough hours in the day for sample knitting but just seeing the colour as a knitted fabric is a boost to the weekday admin #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #coopknits #socksyeahdk #newyarnlaunch #yarnshopday #erikaknight #knitforbaby #amazingcolour  The black Romney lambs are doing brilliantly....cute but tricky to photograph as they are so inky! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #woolproduction #growyourown #britishwool


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