World Wide Knit In Public Day

Saturday 9th June at The Yarn Dispensary 10am – 2pm

WWKIP Day last year was enjoyed so much we did it twice, on the actual day and another alfresco session later in the summer.
This year, with thanks to our pals at Faversham Markets, we’ll have a gazebo up opposite the shop again and beside Richard’s Plants for some open air social stitchery – bring a project and join in.

Whilst that’s going on outside the shop, Karie Westermann will be teaching in our workshop room.

Designer Residency: Karie Westermann

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June
Our second Designer Residency features the well read, well respected and much sought after skills of Karie Westermann.
As the Saturday session has sold out we know how much you are looking forward to this weekend.
There are still spaces available for Two-Handed Colourwork on the Sunday.
To book, come in or email us.  Full details of workshops here.

Pom Pom Quarterly – Issue 24 Spring 2018

Pom Pom Quarterly – Issue 24 Spring 2018, out now.

Qing Fibre

Our dazzling display of 20 shades of Qing Fibre Merino Singles will be available from the moment we open.
There aren’t many stockists of this yarn and it understandably doesn’t stay in stock long.

We placed our order at the start of the summer and met up with Layla, the talent behind the dyepots, in July to have a chat about what we’d like – that delivery arrived the other week and will be all yours this weekend.

London based Layla Qing is the artistic genius behind the indie dye label Qing Fibre. Originally from Beijing, Layla established her dancing colours on ethically sourced South American yarn bases in 2016 and has become one of the most coveted brands for a smile-inducing palette of vibrant hues.

This Thing of Paper – Karie Westermann

Available from 7-9pm Thursday 30th November 2017

Lottie Knits – Worldwide Exclusive

Privileged to be the only retail outlet for the mesmerising colour alchemy of UK indie dyer Lottie Knits.

In store now
Desert Rose 4 ply 400m per skein 50% baby camel 50% silk
Silken Singles 400m per skein 70% superwash merino 30% silk
Little Bird Sock 365m per skein 80% superwash merino 20% nylon

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Creative and with a love of bright colours from a young age, Lottie has been obsessed with yarn and knitting since she taught herself to knit and design patterns to fill the void left by having to leave university due to illness.
A decade later, she has been working in the yarn industry for over seven years and her thirst for yarn and knitting knowledge is undiminished, so creating her own yarns seemed almost inevitable once she’d learnt to dye.  Lottie lives near Chester with an increasingly unfeasible amount of yarn and a desire to knit all the things.

Rib No. 1 and No. 2

Newest publication in the house
rib magazine
A handsome collection of patterns and articles for men who knit and those who knit for them.
Edition 1 | Patina
Edition 2 | Navigate contains article on the Visible Mending Programme by Tom van Deijnen
£18.99 per book

Socks Yeah! DK

Launched at The Yarn Dispensary by Rachel Coopey.

The latest yarn from designer Rachel Coopey and (it’s too hard to resist the inevitable pun) comes hot on the heels of the success of the finer gauge Socks Yeah!

This latest collaboration with Fyberspates is a 75% fine superwash Merino wool/25% nylon blend so is robust, soft and machine washable on a 30 degree wool cycle – very user friendly.

The stitch definition is especially clean and pleasing in stocking stitch which makes it a great choice for garments as well as for socks.

We knitted the simple stocking stitch sweater with rolled edges from Erika Knight’s Knit for Baby leaflet to give the yarn a bit of a workout and were delighted with the results…’s available in the shop for you to see for yourselves.

If you’re a sock knitter, Rachel has designed a free pattern for you to give her new yarn a go: Bob (Friend of Dave) has a stocking stitch foot with textural columns on the cuff to show off the strong vertical definition of the fibres and can be found on ravelry or in store with a purchase of the yarn.

Ten colours
112m per skein





Hedgehog Fibres

31 shades of Skinny Singles and all 30 shades of Sock Minis were added to stock; the Skinny Singles are selling so rapidly that a few shades are sold out already.

It’s been worth the wait as the colours are outstandingly good, the handle of the yarn is glorious and it’s great watching your inventive colour combining of Skinny Singles with shots of contrast in the form of a Sock Mini (or two. Or three. Or ………)

All we need now is a huge delivery of extra hours in the day and more knitting time please!

Happy Birthday to us

Thursday 1st September 2016

Can you believe we’ll be celebrating soon? What a year it has been and all thanks to the extraordinary support of you lovely lot.
We will be kicking off a month of jollity by being open for a bit during the day (1pm – 5pm) as well as our Knit Night from 7pm – 9pm.

Limited edition custom dyed Birthday yarn

To celebrate the best way we know…with yarn…we have worked with the magicians at SweetGeorgia Yarns to create a unique colourway of handpainted Superwash DK that echoes the hues of The Yarn Dispensary.
This custom shade launching in September will be exclusive to us and available in a limited quantity this year alongside semi solid shades to allow you to scheme and dream to your heart’s content.

The Yarn Dispensary Birthday Blend No.1
on a 234m per skein 100% superwash merino dk base; it echoes the colours of the shop from the rich blue pigeonholes, the bone white walls, the warm oak beams to the dusky grey of our frontage and the burnished gold of the pestle and mortar above the doorway.

One hundred skeins only
£24 a skein


The Yarn Dispensary on Instagram

 We’re beginning to see some finished projects in our newest yarn line @isageryarn as our awesome customers pop in for show and tell. #Repost @valerie7foster ・・・ Just for you @theyarndispensary as we forgot yesterday the beautiful blouse using the fabulous @isageryarn @helgaisager  Yarngus the Knit Night whippet has decreed it’s officially summer as he has no jumper or jacket on. Either that or it’s all the hot air generated by the rabble. Hmm? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #knitnight #knitnightrabble #angusthewhippetgetscalledyarngusinhere  Who’s looking for a gorgeous easy project for a gauzy wrap in beautiful @isageryarn to knit up whilst we are closed next week? In store now. Here until 5pm today and 9am-5pm tomorrow. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #simplemeshwrap #isager  Friday Finished Object from a regular customer Carol is this superb Diesis by @radiolazyy from @pompommag Edition 22 knitted in @sublimeyarns Extra Fine Merino DK Lovely work, lovely person and the awesome sidekick of Rowan the sausage who brings his own snacks. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #alicecaetano #diesis #pompomquarterly #finishedproject #supersausage  Spring edition of @pompommag Trunk Show is in the house. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #pompomquarterly #trunkshow
 #Repost @annanikipirowicz ・・・ Lovely, lovely mosaic knitting class today @theyarndispensary Such happy knitty ladies  It was a such a good last working day before my holidays, off to Italy on Monday 🇮🇹 !! Whoop wool!! #teach #learn #knit #mosaicknitting #knittersofinstagram #knitaddict #loveknitting #workshop #colourknitting #theyarndispensary #lys #faversham  New range of our exclusive buttons from Rose Dickinson Ceramics feature imprints of poppy seed heads and stalks. Love the contrast of the glaze against the background of @knightkraft Gossypium Cotton in Iced Gem and Milk held together for the vest design ‘Breezy’ #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #rosedickinsonceramics #buttonsexclusivetous #erikaknight #gossypium #getyourkniton  The new range of children’s patterns in Gossypium Cotton from @knightkraft are wonderful - customer favourite so far is Scramble. NEED SUPPLIES? Open tomorrow from 10am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 5pm for your yarny needs ahead of us having time off. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #erikaknight #gossypiumcotton #getyourkniton  No need for any tour memorabilia, all you need is a ticket. Shetland Hap Shawl class SOLD OUT Some spaces still available on Two-Handed Colourwork Call in or email us to book. Feel free to wear a tour t-shirt of your choice. #Repost @kariebookish ・・・ Here we go. I feel like I need a tour t-shirt for this summer! See you in Lancaster, Dublin, Stonie, Pittenweem, Faversham, Bath, or Birmingham? Phew! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #designerresidency  New stock and restock. Three new shades of @fyberspates Vivacious 4 ply, @thecrochetproj The Shawl Project 4 and the long awaited restock of Peach Bellini and @katedaviesdesigns Happit and Haps. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #fyberspates #katedaviesdesigns #thecrochetproject
 Cute stuff from @knightkraft in Gossypium Cotton has us wishing for adult sizes in the ones on the left and centre, adult size pattern for one on the right is in-store. Left to right: Scramble - Ditzy - Hype Adult version of Hype is called Loch. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #erikaknight #gossypium #gorgeousgarments  Back and refreshed. Sun’s shining. We’re smiling. Come on in! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #backtobusiness  Grim conditions be banned we say and are ignoring the weather sarcasm outside the window in favour of the happy glow we get from @knightkraft patterns for Gossypium Cotton and Studio Linen. Surely if we all knit summer fibres the nice days will reappear? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #erikaknight #gossypiumcotton #studiolinen #mayyousay #weathersarcasm #notimpressed  All the colourwork satisfaction. We quite like the idea of using the new @baarameweknits Pip for Electric Village from @katedaviesdesigns The West Highland Way. Eternal dilemma of what to knit first: the Myrtle sweater in @fyberspates Cumulus (shown on the cover) is beautiful. Tough call as ever. If you need us we’ll be lost in the pages and salve for the eyes images in @katedaviesdesigns latest book. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #katedaviesdesigns #thewesthighlandway #baaramewe #pipcolourwork #fyberspates #cumulus  Simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Clean, clever and stylish. Exquisite yarns @isageryarn and the wearable designs from @helgaisager have stolen all our hearts. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #isageryarn #helgaisager #danishdesign #naturalfibres
 Who’s joining us for this year’s alfresco stitchery for World Wide Knit In Public Day on Saturday 9th June. We’ll be playing nicely with our lovely pals @favershammarkets in a gazebo opposite the shop. Will we get Carl the Market Manager knitting? Last year was great fun and resulted in us doing it again later in the summer just because we could and thanks to the support of all our fellow @favershammarkets playmates. Aren’t we lucky to have them? Bring a project, grab something delicious from local traders and join in from 10am - 2pm. Inside the shop it’s @kariebookish Designer Residency weekend with her Saturday class sold out, spaces still available for Two-Handed Colourwork on Sunday 10th June. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wwkip2018 #favershammarkets #kariewestermann #designerresidency #playingnicely #lovelyfriends  The time off ticker is counting down. Thanks to all of you who have kept us busy this morning coming in for supplies - sounds as if sitting in the garden knitting is pretty high up your weekend to-do list; lovely! Here until 5pm today. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wewillbenicerafterabreak #reallywewill  The finished projects are parading through the door at quite a pace these days. Our Saturday Superstar is Rose, aptly in the pink Boho Gossypium Cotton showing us the cabled glory of this Caravan sweater both yarn and design by @knightkraft STOCK UP YOUR STASH ALERT! Reminder that we close at 5pm on Saturday 5th May for a recharge until reopening 10am Tuesday 15th May. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #erikaknight #gossypium #caravan #ourcustomersareawesome #steppingawaytostepbackwithaddedoomph #showandtellsaturday  In love with @knightkraft Studio Linen and new season pattern collection? All 17 shades in stock. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #erikaknight #studiolinen  #Repost @eastlondonknit ・・・ There are advantages to knitwear design for the latent (or not so latent) narcissist!  many thanks to @theyarndispensary for having a group of fabulous students for me to teach yesterday & for carrying the full range of EastLondonKnit pattern books!  🤓 #eastlondonknit #knittingteacher #recollectionknits #zenvariations #kleecollection #knittersgonnaknit #theyarndispensary #faversham


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