The Yarn Dispensary 
presents EMPORIUM

Thursday 23rd November
7pm – 9pm
Our annual sample sale with fellow designer makers creating a twinkly pop-up shop: Antoinette Luckhurst Silversmith;
Dark Horse Ornament; Pen & Plant Illustration; Rose Dickinson Ceramics – taking over our workshop room now and for select weekends this winter. The legendary Emporium mulled wine will be on offer as usual.


Antoinette Luckhurst Silversmith

Dark Horse Ornament

Pen & Plant Illustration

Rose Dickinson Ceramics

Slightly different format this year with each weekend hosting one or two designers.

Featured Designer: Antoinette Luckhurst Silversmith
Saturday 25th November
9am – 8pm
Open as usual plus late night shopping to coincide with the switch on of Faversham Christmas Lights and the twice yearly delicious event that is the Night Food Market with its aromatic temptations, live music and bustling atmosphere.

Sunday 26th November
11am – 2pm
EMPORIUM with Antoinette Luckhurst Silversmith
Running alongside the first Christmas Market we’ll be open at The Yarn Dispensary from 11am – 2pm.

Featured Designer: Pen & Plant Illustration
The new brand from customer favourite and Emporium perennial The Aviary
Saturday 9th December
10am – 4pm
Sunday 10th December
11am – 2pm

Featured Designers: Antoinette Luckhurst Silversmith and Rose Dickinson Ceramics
Saturday 16th December
10am – 4pm
Sunday 17th December
11am – 2pm
Last Sunday shopping day and food market for 2017

Saturday 23rd December
9am – 5pm
Last pre-roast-dinner-induced-food-coma trading day for gifts, knitting supplies and accoutrements.

Friday 29th December
10am – 5pm
Come on in and spend your happy tokens, restock your stash or find a new project because you’d like to indulge in a bout of cast-on-itis to stop yourself eating all the cheese (guilty and not apologetic!)

Saturday 30th December
9am – 5pm
Open as usual.

Qing Fibre

Saturday 4th November 9am
Our dazzling display of 20 shades of Qing Fibre Merino Singles will be available from the moment we open.
There aren’t many stockists of this yarn and it understandably doesn’t stay in stock long.

We placed our order at the start of the summer and met up with Layla, the talent behind the dyepots, in July to have a chat about what we’d like – that delivery arrived the other week and will be all yours this weekend.

London based Layla Qing is the artistic genius behind the indie dye label Qing Fibre. Originally from Beijing, Layla established her dancing colours on ethically sourced South American yarn bases in 2016 and has become one of the most coveted brands for a smile-inducing palette of vibrant hues.

Pom Pom Quarterly – Issue 22 Autumn 2017

This edition is packed with strong geometric and textural designs alongside the expected collection of interesting articles. There’s a hot toddy recipe to make and quaff as you curl up on the sofa to lose yourself in the distinctly autumnal palette within.
The patterns vary from 4 ply to DK in weight so good layering possibilities as the air cools.
We know a lot of folk bemoan the lower temperatures but we embrace the knitwear opportunities!

Lottie Knits – Worldwide Exclusive

Privileged to be the only retail outlet for the mesmerising colour alchemy of UK indie dyer Lottie Knits.

In store now
Desert Rose 4 ply 400m per skein 50% baby camel 50% silk
Silken Singles 400m per skein 70% superwash merino 30% silk
Little Bird Sock 365m per skein 80% superwash merino 20% nylon

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Creative and with a love of bright colours from a young age, Lottie has been obsessed with yarn and knitting since she taught herself to knit and design patterns to fill the void left by having to leave university due to illness.
A decade later, she has been working in the yarn industry for over seven years and her thirst for yarn and knitting knowledge is undiminished, so creating her own yarns seemed almost inevitable once she’d learnt to dye.  Lottie lives near Chester with an increasingly unfeasible amount of yarn and a desire to knit all the things.

Rib No. 1 and No. 2

Newest publication in the house
rib magazine
A handsome collection of patterns and articles for men who knit and those who knit for them.
Edition 1 | Patina
Edition 2 | Navigate contains article on the Visible Mending Programme by Tom van Deijnen
£18.99 per book

Socks Yeah! DK

Launched at The Yarn Dispensary by Rachel Coopey.

The latest yarn from designer Rachel Coopey and (it’s too hard to resist the inevitable pun) comes hot on the heels of the success of the finer gauge Socks Yeah!

This latest collaboration with Fyberspates is a 75% fine superwash Merino wool/25% nylon blend so is robust, soft and machine washable on a 30 degree wool cycle – very user friendly.

The stitch definition is especially clean and pleasing in stocking stitch which makes it a great choice for garments as well as for socks.

We knitted the simple stocking stitch sweater with rolled edges from Erika Knight’s Knit for Baby leaflet to give the yarn a bit of a workout and were delighted with the results…’s available in the shop for you to see for yourselves.

If you’re a sock knitter, Rachel has designed a free pattern for you to give her new yarn a go: Bob (Friend of Dave) has a stocking stitch foot with textural columns on the cuff to show off the strong vertical definition of the fibres and can be found on ravelry or in store with a purchase of the yarn.

Ten colours
112m per skein





Hedgehog Fibres

31 shades of Skinny Singles and all 30 shades of Sock Minis were added to stock; the Skinny Singles are selling so rapidly that a few shades are sold out already.

It’s been worth the wait as the colours are outstandingly good, the handle of the yarn is glorious and it’s great watching your inventive colour combining of Skinny Singles with shots of contrast in the form of a Sock Mini (or two. Or three. Or ………)

All we need now is a huge delivery of extra hours in the day and more knitting time please!

Happy Birthday to us

Thursday 1st September 2016

Can you believe we’ll be celebrating soon? What a year it has been and all thanks to the extraordinary support of you lovely lot.
We will be kicking off a month of jollity by being open for a bit during the day (1pm – 5pm) as well as our Knit Night from 7pm – 9pm.

Limited edition custom dyed Birthday yarn

To celebrate the best way we know…with yarn…we have worked with the magicians at SweetGeorgia Yarns to create a unique colourway of handpainted Superwash DK that echoes the hues of The Yarn Dispensary.
This custom shade launching in September will be exclusive to us and available in a limited quantity this year alongside semi solid shades to allow you to scheme and dream to your heart’s content.

The Yarn Dispensary Birthday Blend No.1
on a 234m per skein 100% superwash merino dk base; it echoes the colours of the shop from the rich blue pigeonholes, the bone white walls, the warm oak beams to the dusky grey of our frontage and the burnished gold of the pestle and mortar above the doorway.

One hundred skeins only
£24 a skein


The Yarn Dispensary on Instagram

 #Repost @knittingimage ・・・ Yesterday I visited @theyarndispensary in the very quaint town of Faversham (UK). I have been to many yarn shops, but this shop has stolen my heart. I could write on about the enormous collection of well respected books. The walls of yarns which one would only expect to find at a yarn festival. Then it hit me, it felt like a bricks and mortar yarn festival, I could browse for hours, comfortably. I was spoilt for choice with yarn to squish and the staff were like instant friends. After a lengthy perusal, this gorgeous skein of @lottieknits yarn came home with me. Treat yourself, take a trip to @theyarndispensary pop across the road to Havershams tearoom and thank me later  #enabling #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #knittersofinstagram  Day 16 - socks take the spotlight for @yarninthecity @wovemberwool #wovemberinstachallenge These toe warming lovelies are in @coopknits SocksYeah! Knitted by @macraekerr (tried SO hard to be disappointed for her when they didn’t fit her and were passed my way) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #leastgenuinecaseofsympathyforafriend #shegotafindyourfadeinexchange #justshouldersandtoes #headsandkneesnotincluded #handknitsingalong  What have we got for your perusal this week? First offering is a new addition to our range from @baarameweknits Dovestone Chunky - 120m of undyed sheepy goodness BFL, Wensleydale and Masham grown, shorn, spun in the UK. We’re using four shades to knit up Grain by @tincanknits as it’s an ideal seasonal project to give or keep. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #baaramewe #dovestonechunky #britishwool #getyourkniton #wearwoolforwovember #wearwooleveryday  Market -Day 10 word from @yarninthecity @wovemberwool #wovemberinstachallenge and a look back to our alfresco get together sessions to knit and crochet alongside our pals @favershammarkets We are so proud of our vibrant market place and fantastic traders - it’s been wonderful to step out of the shop and into the bustling space directly opposite our door. Market days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with additional Best of Faversham creative indies and the superb 50-60 stalls at the Antiques Market on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month respectively. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #favershammarkets  Thanks to the Canadian influence of Allison from @yarninthecity the word for today on @wovemberwool is toque (great word for a hat, especially for scrabble players!) Our cosy bunnet is from @debbieblissknits Lhasa book - cashmere and yak snugness - topped with a magnificent @toft_uk alpaca pompom. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #teamwovember #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #debbiebliss #lhasa #toft #pompom #toque
 Our annual event, EMPORIUM launches with our sample sale, designer-makers and our legendary mulled wine on Thursday night 7pm - 9pm then selected weekends thereafter. First weekend coincides with Christmas lights switch on, live music and night time food market with our pals @favershammarkets Full details on our website. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #emporium  Day 15 of @yarninthecity @wovemberwool and the word is home. Winter happy place right here in front of newly refurbished log burner ignoring oodles of renovation work and the ironing! Some fair isle design work in progress using @debbieblissknits Fine Donegal. Capacious project bag kindly made for me by a lovely friend @rlh0707 and her Mum from one of @julietillyflop tea towels - large enough for a garment #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #wovemberinstachallenge #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #debbiebliss #finedonegal #fairisle #designinprogress #tillyflopdesigns #teatowelscontainenoughfabricforareallydecentprojectbag  Word of the day on #wovemberinstachallenge from @yarninthecity @wovemberwool is work - this is where it happens (would you look at that glorious sky. Certainly not captured today!) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember  We couldn’t wait for the day to brighten up to show you this.....packages of happiness delivered this morning from @lottieknits and @bristolivy If you’re one of many customers eagerly awaiting these goodies we open at 10am. Ready, steady, GO! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #lottieknits #adventcalendarsarehere #bristolivy #knittingoutsidethebox #pompompress  Cheer up your Tuesday! The last wee parcel of our @julietillyflop order arrived this morning. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #tillyflopdesigns #teatoweltastic
 Source - word for today ‘s #wovemberinstachallenge with @yarninthecity @wovemberwool Local Wensleydale from a no-kill flock is the source for an on our doorstep yarn. We know where and how it’s grown and shorn, spun at Diamond Fibres and The Natural Fibre Company. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #wensleydale #source #homegrownshornandspun  The @yarninthecity @wovemberwool topic for #wovemberinstachallenge is shop bought We’ve chosen to show you the value of your hand knits and highlight why the answer to ‘I don’t knit. Can I buy the wool here and leave it with you to make....’ is a polite no to shop bought other than our annual sample sale of things we no longer use for display. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #yarninthecity #wovember2017  Day 11 of @yarninthecity @wovemberwool #wovemberinstachallenge Fibre - so here’s a selection of a beautiful seasonal choice to warm our evening with @baarameweknits Dovestone Chunky BFL, Wensleydale and Masham (hastily arranged on a log basket as we’ll admit to properly switching off on our day off and suddenly remembering we need a post!) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #baaramewe #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #nowoolovertheeyes #honestyoninstagram  Word for day 9 of @yarninthecity @wovemberwool #wovemberinstachallenge is relax so we’ve gone for the space where a lot of our customers do just that whether it’s to look through books, chat to us about their projects or sit with some knitting (admittedly it is often the ‘patiently waiting’ space for the non-knitters.) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #teamwovember #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #annnndrelax  Sheep - the day’s topic for #wovemberinstachallenge with @yarninthecity @wovemberwool - as natural fibre specialists we cannot disconnect the animal from the knitting nor would we wish to do so, but it comes with acknowledgement that it’s a tough industry at grass roots level and the hoofstock are often the forgotten workers even to those that knit so we’re saying “Thanks you woolly bleaters, we appreciate it.” #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #yarninthecity #teamwovember #wovemberwool #wovember2017
 Day 17 #wovemberinstachallenge with @yarninthecity @wovemberwool and the word is layer The words ‘so many woollies at once I can’t move my arms properly’ and ‘hurry up and take the photo before I poach in a sheepy tagine’ may also have been added unofficially. Felted Tweed sweater in ‘watery’ by @hattonknits Rib edge cardi in @knightkraft Vintage ‘drizzle’ Zig zag snood in @knightkraft Vintage ‘dark’ Fingerless mitts in @countessablaze for the much missed The Golden Skein yarn club Stupidity at wearing all the things indoors: model’s own #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #wovember2017 #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #erikaknight #countessablaze #sarahhatton #aweebitwarm #idiot  Show and tell magnificence from @val7958 with @lottieknits Little Bird Sock used for @westknits Doodler #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #showandtell #westknits #lottieknits #whatacombo #ourcustomersareawesome  Day 11 #wovemberinstachallenge word is wrap - hope @yarninthecity @wovemberwool embrace creative thinking of LYS stock lines - sheep breed sweater gift wrap from @julietillyflop #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wearwoolforwovember #wearwooleveryday #yarninthecity #wovember2017  Word for today with @yarninthecity @wovemberwool - labels: here’s a few of our customer favourites. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #yarninthecity #teamwovember #wovember2017 #wearwoolforwovember #wearwooleveryday #wovemberinstachallenge  Hmm, so the best laid plans of an LYS manager on a day off involved a woolly washing session and a post about today’s @yarninthecity @wovemberwool #wovemberinstachallenge topic of warmth: It SHOULD have been a comment along the lines of ‘warmth in many forms from the fibre itself; the pleasure of making creating a warm glow; the cosy satisfaction of @hattonknits sweater and the simplicity of the rays of winter sun on a garment drying on the garden table’ What you’re getting is one of the marmalade mafia proving how irresistible the warmth of wool is even when slightly damp #gingerblockingassistantsofinstagram #fenchurchthefibrefiend #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wearwooleveryday #wearwoolforwovember #yarninthecity #teamwovember #wovember2017


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