Karie Westermann Weekend – 16th & 17th September 2017

We’ll be hosting two workshops – a rare opportunity this year to join one of the most sought after tutors in the industry.
With the imminent release of her latest book ‘This Thing of Paper’ there’s been little chance to catch up with Karie whose last class here was described by one participant as ‘the best I have ever attended.’

Saturday 16th September
12pm – 3pm
Designing Lace

Sunday 17th September
11am – 2pm
Knitting the Landscape

spaces limited for both

Workshop Tickets for September – November 2017
Classes Available Now

As ever you can come in to the shop to purchase or buy using PayPal if you email us to say which class, how many tickets – we’ll invoice, you pay, we keep tickets here until you can get to us or until the day of the class, whichever suits your circumstances best.

Here’s the list…

Lottie Knits – Worldwide Exclusive

Privileged to be the only retail outlet for the mesmerising colour alchemy of UK indie dyer Lottie Knits.

In store now
Desert Rose 4 ply 400m per skein 50% baby camel 50% silk
Silken Singles 400m per skein 70% superwash merino 30% silk
Little Bird Sock 365m per skein 80% superwash merino 20% nylon

Breathtakingly beautiful.

Creative and with a love of bright colours from a young age, Lottie has been obsessed with yarn and knitting since she taught herself to knit and design patterns to fill the void left by having to leave university due to illness.
A decade later, she has been working in the yarn industry for over seven years and her thirst for yarn and knitting knowledge is undiminished, so creating her own yarns seemed almost inevitable once she’d learnt to dye.  Lottie lives near Chester with an increasingly unfeasible amount of yarn and a desire to knit all the things.

Rib No. 1 and No. 2

Newest publication in the house
rib magazine
A handsome collection of patterns and articles for men who knit and those who knit for them.
Edition 1 | Patina
Edition 2 | Navigate contains article on the Visible Mending Programme by Tom van Deijnen
£18.99 per book

Pom Pom Quarterly 5th Anniversary Edition

Eeeeeek! It’s all shiny and with more patterns than usual to celebrate 5 years of the little magazine with a big following. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve updated and re-issued the very first edition and we have a limited stock of those too.
In store now. GO!

Were you in at the start of all things with the premiere edition of PPQ in 2012? If not, there’s a nab it for your collection chance now with the first ever edition having had a revamp with additional sizes, yarns update and a whole new photoshoot of the juicy colours – it’s the ultimate collector’s edition of your favourite knitting magazine!
Limited stock available.

Socks Yeah! DK

Launched at The Yarn Dispensary by Rachel Coopey.

The latest yarn from designer Rachel Coopey and (it’s too hard to resist the inevitable pun) comes hot on the heels of the success of the finer gauge Socks Yeah!

This latest collaboration with Fyberspates is a 75% fine superwash Merino wool/25% nylon blend so is robust, soft and machine washable on a 30 degree wool cycle – very user friendly.

The stitch definition is especially clean and pleasing in stocking stitch which makes it a great choice for garments as well as for socks.

We knitted the simple stocking stitch sweater with rolled edges from Erika Knight’s Knit for Baby leaflet to give the yarn a bit of a workout and were delighted with the results…..it’s available in the shop for you to see for yourselves.

If you’re a sock knitter, Rachel has designed a free pattern for you to give her new yarn a go: Bob (Friend of Dave) has a stocking stitch foot with textural columns on the cuff to show off the strong vertical definition of the fibres and can be found on ravelry or in store with a purchase of the yarn.

Ten colours
112m per skein

Workshop list for 2017

For details of evening and Saturday workshop classes 2017 for both knitting and crochet click here. Tickets for classes from January until July go on sale 10am Tuesday 17 January.




Hedgehog Fibres

31 shades of Skinny Singles and all 30 shades of Sock Minis were added to stock; the Skinny Singles are selling so rapidly that a few shades are sold out already.

It’s been worth the wait as the colours are outstandingly good, the handle of the yarn is glorious and it’s great watching your inventive colour combining of Skinny Singles with shots of contrast in the form of a Sock Mini (or two. Or three. Or ………)

All we need now is a huge delivery of extra hours in the day and more knitting time please!

Happy Birthday to us

Thursday 1st September 2016

Can you believe we’ll be celebrating soon? What a year it has been and all thanks to the extraordinary support of you lovely lot.
We will be kicking off a month of jollity by being open for a bit during the day (1pm – 5pm) as well as our Knit Night from 7pm – 9pm.

Limited edition custom dyed Birthday yarn

To celebrate the best way we know…with yarn…we have worked with the magicians at SweetGeorgia Yarns to create a unique colourway of handpainted Superwash DK that echoes the hues of The Yarn Dispensary.
This custom shade launching in September will be exclusive to us and available in a limited quantity this year alongside semi solid shades to allow you to scheme and dream to your heart’s content.

The Yarn Dispensary Birthday Blend No.1
on a 234m per skein 100% superwash merino dk base; it echoes the colours of the shop from the rich blue pigeonholes, the bone white walls, the warm oak beams to the dusky grey of our frontage and the burnished gold of the pestle and mortar above the doorway.

One hundred skeins only
£24 a skein


The Yarn Dispensary on Instagram

 The superb knitting talents of @rosalind9868 with @feller.carol soft, luxurious Nua combine in this @lisa_richardson_design edge-to-edge cardi We LOVE show and tell! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #carolfeller #nua #lisarichardsondesign #greatknitter #greatyarn #greatpattern #awesomecombination #showandtell  Opulent glory of @auroraknit having knitted up a skein of @lottieknits Desert Rose baby camel and silk base The pattern is Fraxinus by @ysolda Background is @westknits Hellik having its ends sewn in and Britsilk mini skein colour wheel from @theknittinggoddess #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #showandtell #ourcustomersareawesome #auroraknits  A VERY good delivery day from @theknittinggoddess Lots of colour wheel sets back in stock #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #theknittinggoddess #britsock #colourwheels #allthegoodstuff  Love this dappled morning light looking out from the shop to the market place, the trunk show from @pompommag 5th anniversary premiere edition revamp has prime position in the shade of the chestnut tree #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #pompomquarterly #trunkshow #anniversary #premiereeditionrevamp #bestviewinthehouse #dappledlight #knittersofinstagram  Released today Wool Journey Shetland Patterns and Places: A Knitter's Travel Guide from @pompommag and featuring @westknits @stephen.and.penelope @fancyjaime @fancyamber with photos by @ysolda Step into an inspiring trip north. Enriching and enchanting. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #wooljourney #pompompress #knittersofinstagram #shetland #wanttoknititall
 Standing in the August sunshine grinning at the rich harvest in the autumn edition of @pompommag #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #pompomquarterly #allthecheesygrins #getyourpineconesout #knittersloveautumn  Set up for alfresco knitting with our friends @favershammarkets Last call for yarny requirements as we close today until 10am on Tuesday 15th August Grab your knitting and come on over! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #favershammarkets #alfresco #allthegoodstuff #knittersofinstagram #holidaysbeckon #countingdown  Gone knittin'.....well, not quite yet, but soon! Closing at 5pm on Saturday 29th July until 10am on Tuesday 15th August. Casting on @qingfibre for another Byatt by @kariebookish ready for display in September. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #timeforabreather #knittingneverstops #alwaysroominthecaseforyarn  Making the most of the evening breeze to air today's finished object - button through cardi from Men's Knits by @knightkraft done in @fyberspates Vivacious DK 'Lundy Island'...three weeks from cast on to cast off (as an avid 4 ply knitter had forgotten how rapidly a DK garment progresses!) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #finishedgarment #idealcardi #erikaknight #perfectyarn #fyberspates #knittersofinstagram  Why, yes, we are indeed using half @tunnocksuk teacake (approx 12g) to estimate remaining gram weight of yarn #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #knitnight #rabble #poweredbytunnocks #weightsandmeasures
 Not long until Katie o'clock! #regram @kariebookish Reminder that next month I'll start my workhops again. Very, very limited spaces still available at @theyarndispensary, so if you don't live in Scandinavia or the Scottish Highlands, this is your shot! Cannot wait to see everybody - if you'll excuse me, I have a book to proof 🤗 #kariebookish #workshopseason #gettingoutside #karieontour #proofreading #ohmyword #cannotwaittotellyou #knittingworkshop #knittersofinstagram #knitting #knitstagram #theyarndispensary #faversham  Packed house for our last Knit Night until Thursday 24th August It's knitted together such a lovely bunch of people (and Angus the whippet of course!) #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #knitnight #knitnightrabble #knittedtogether #ourcustomersareawesome  A whole load of laughs with the Knit Night rabble - edited highlights of topics so far: supermarket own brand Irish cream liqueur; fasting blood tests; roll-ups; hairless spaniels; gifts in the workplace; dog farts; apple-stealing whippets. Eclectic lot, aren't they? #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #knitnight #rabble #knittersofinstagram #eightytopicsanhour #alwaysenlightening  WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE Privileged to be the only retail outlet for the mesmerising colour alchemy of UK indie dyer @lottieknits In store now Desert Rose 4 ply 400m per skein 50% baby camel 50% silk Silken Singles 400m per skein 70% superwash merino 30% silk Little Bird Sock 365m per skein 80% superwash merino 20% nylon Breathtakingly beautiful. #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #lottieknits #indiedyerextraordinaire #yarnlust #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #yarngasm  Any gaps in your collection? First come, first served: Couple of copies of each of these back issues of @pompommag available now and Wool Journey available on Friday #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #pompomquarterly #backissues #fillinthegapsinyourcollection #wooljourney #comingsoon
 We're back! And we brought @theknittinggoddess BritSilk with us ..... British BFL, British Wensleydale, British Alpaca and Silk spun by @johnarbontextiles and dyed by the aptly named Joy 400m per skein of happiness Our knitted sample (worn with over one shoulder, back to work 'tude) is almost done - the drop stitch beautifully showing off the dye work #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #backtowork #theknittinggoddess #britsilk #4ply #johnarbontextiles #knittersofinstagram #britishwool #indiedyer #whatajoyisjoy  Oooohhhh! @theknittinggoddess mini skeins how we love you  #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #theknittinggoddess #miniskeins #knitterlydelight #yarnygoodness  Research never looked so good! Thanks to @pompommag for hosting a glorious event and to @amyflorence @caerthanwrack @thewoolkitchen for this beautiful assembly #theyarndispensary #faversham #lysontour #pompomquarterly #pomfest #triskelionyarn #thewoolkitchen #strandeddyeworks #allthegoodstuff  Workshop classes September - November 2017 Tickets available NOW Come in to purchase or email us with your request and we'll invoice via PayPal....over to you! #theyarndispensary #faversham #lys #workshopclasses #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram  #regram @cyclechic_uk The day I rode my bike into a yarn shop... Read my full review on the beautiful Ladies Lightwieght bike by @templecycles on our blog, link in bio. And thank you to @theyarndispensary for letting us take this pic in their gorgeous shop. #ladiesbike #bicycle #yarn #instabike #vintagebike #cyclechic #cyclestyle #ihavethisthingwithbikes


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