Designer Residency: Kate Atherley

Back by popular demand so maybe we should twin Faversham with Toronto?

Friday 19th October
10.30am – 12.30pm

‘Wrap & Turn’ is not a dance move, it’s a fabulous way to create shapes with short rows in your knitting. Short rows are used: for sock heels; to create ruffles; frequently in shawls to create shaping.
In this class there’s several common methods of working short rows and, just as importantly, hiding them! You will tackle; wrap&turn; yarnover; shadow; Japanese and, our favourite, German. Discussions on use in bust shaping to custom fit a garment and converting a shaped shoulder to short rows for easier seaming will be had as well as learning Kate’s no–fail recipe for tidy and elegant short row sock heels.

Materials: students to bring light coloured DK yarn; 4mm or 4.5mm needles; 10 removable stitch markers

Skill level: intermediate

Tutor: Kate Atherley
Sold out

Friday 19th October
1.30pm – 3.30pm

Even if you never plan to make granny squares, crochet skills are immensely useful to the knitter. This two hour session teaches you how to bring the power of the hook to your knitting – to pick up dropped stitches and fix mistakes; for painless seaming for those who loathe sewing up; for creating decorative edgings; for button loops without needing to add a knitted rib and for the oft–mentioned/ mysteriously–regarded, yet damn handy, provisional cast on.

Materials: students to bring a 10cm square of stocking stitch knitted in an Aran weight yarn; 4.5mm or 5mm crochet hook; Aran weight yarn in a different colour to the knitted square – please note this does not have to be a whole ball of yarn.

Skill level: any knitters without crochet skills – this is NOT a class for those who are looking for crochet tuition, it’s a very specific technique–enhancing workshop using crochet for particular knitting problems.

Tutor: Kate Atherley
Sold out

Saturday 20th October
9.30am – 12.30pm

Knitting patterns can sometimes be quite vague, sweater patterns most of all, making it feel like you’re reading instructions in a language you do not speak. Instructions like ‘decrease every RS row 4 times’ and ‘increase evenly across taking extra stitches into pattern’ along with the sometimes mind–melting ‘at the same time’ present two types of challenges – 1. figuring out what they mean and 2. how to work them.
There are many different methods and the choice can make all the difference in how the finished project looks – and how easy it is to put together!
You’ll review key finishing tasks; setting in sleeves, and picking up neckline stitches. Ways of making the finishing easier will be discussed including methods for easier and better shoulder shaping.

Materials: a small homework piece required for this workshop will be emailed to students several weeks before the class.

Skill level: minimum level of confident beginner able to cast on, knit, cast off.

Tutor: Kate Atherley
Sold out

Saturday 20th October
1.30pm – 4.30pm

A comprehensive introduction to the magic of lace knitting or a skills development if the deliberate placement of holes has eluded you so far. An excellent class for students who would like to build skills and confidence to tackle a particular project or demystify one you already have underway.
Through hands–on–the–needles tuition and swatching of different types of stitch pattern you will learn how to work them confidently using either written or charted instructions – Kate will talk you through both.
You’ll learn how to identify, fix and prevent mistakes with tips to make lace knitting easier and more fun.
If you have a lace project you want to tackle, bring it with you so we can make sure you have the skills to begin.

Materials: light coloured DK or Aran weight yarn; 4mm to 5mm needles either straight or 40 – 60cm circular depending on your chosen yarn weight for this class and your preferred type of needle; the lace project you wish to start (if already decided.)

Skill level: minimum level of advanced beginner confident in; cast on, knit, purl, increasing and decreasing.

Tutor: Kate Atherley
Sold out

Sunday 21st October
11am – 2pm

A Yarn Dispensary Shop Floor Special – Tuition + Private Shopping

You’ve worked a few socks, now expand those skills. In this class you will learn how to determine size and fit, how to choose a good yarn and how to reinforce for longevity. We’ll address the tricky bits like how to avoid holes at the top of the heel, how to get a tidy gusset pick up and specialised cast ons and cast offs. We’ll talk about both toe–up and top–down socks, different heel and toe constructions and when to choose one over another.

Materials: using DK yarn and size 4mm needles or Aran weight yarn and size 4.5mm/5mm needles (whatever you have available matching the DK or Aran yarn to the relevant needle size) – have completed 2.5cm of (K1, P1) ribbing on 36 stitches in the round in your preferred configuration for sock knitting (DPN/ magic loop/ specialised 23cm sock circulars/ Addi Crasy Trio) leaving the rib on the needles ready for use in class. Tape measure, notepad, calculator or knitting app if you use one.

Skill level: intermediate – students MUST have experience of knitting socks. This class is not at all suitable for sock knitting beginners.

Tutor: Kate Atherley
Sold out


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