Marley Yarns – 100% Wensleydale from a local flock.

We are delighted to have a new stock of Marley Yarns: a luxurious 100% Wensleydale 4ply from a local flock, in store.

Wensleydale is a rare breed, with around 1200 breeding ewes in the UK at the moment. The fleece as you can see has a distinctive crimp, with long lustrous locks, and it makes for an absolutely delightful yarn.  I’ll pass you over for now to Lucy Adams, who has written a short biography for you and sent us this lovely picture of two of their Wensleydales, happy as…well…sheep in grass!

We currently have 22 Wensleydales and a number of crosses.  These sheep are kept solely for their fleeces and each sheep will see out its natural live with us on the small holding.  We are situated in Kingston (a village just outside of Canterbury), although in the summer the sheep will graze friends’ fields and we currently have a number in Faversham.   The Wensleydales are kept to the highest of standards, they are offered shelter throughout the year and fed for the majority of the year.  As a result they can be very tame! 

The first Wensleydales were acquired by mother-in-law, Jean in 2006. She was instantly attracted to their friendly faces and easy-going nature (although Steven would dispute this when it comes to shearing them!).

She was also attracted to the fact that the sheep can produce an income without having to enter the food chain.   As the Wensleydales are also rather high maintenance, they require a lot of hard feed and hay; with this in mind we started selling fleeces to hand spinners to help with this.  Through a chance meeting with Gillian,  Jean then took the plunge and sent some fleeces away to be spun up into yarn, which was a great success, producing the most amazing and lustrous yarn.  As Jean has passed away, we as family have decided to keep this great love of hers going on and  have just sent away a mixture of Black and White Wensleydale fleece to be blended into yarn which will result in a unique grey colour.

So, as you can see, this really is a rather special project between Jean Adams’ family and The Yarn Dispensary.  By purchasing this yarn, not only will you have the joy of working with it, but you will be supporting the flock and helping to protect a rare breed. 


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