Otherworldly Yarns Trunk Show

Saturday 2nd November 9am-5pm

Otherworldly Yarns love of colour and stories come together in their stunning yarns.

On Saturday 2nd November, Carola Kas, dyer behind the mystical Otherworldly Yarns and also known among her friends as The Yarn Temptress, will be joining us for a one day pop-up shop from 9am-5pm. 
Her beautiful colourways are on bases named for the moons, and each has a story to go with them.  I will hand over to Martin to tell you more:
 Otherworldly yarns was formed in 2017 as a way to combine our dual loves of knitting and storytelling.   Started by Carola Kas, Aka the Psychic Knitter, as a way to create her own yarn, the feedback from her peers was that they would like to own some of the colourways she had created. A few long nights over the dye pots and a minimal amount of coercion to her long-suffering boyfriend and personal scribe, Grimzag, and Otherworldly Yarns was born.

Each of our colourways is inspired by the beauty of the world around us, both that of the real world and fictional, and comes with its own short story.  We feel that all crafts are part of the story of whoever performs them; and love the idea that a story which we have started, with the creation of yarn, could continue on with the creation of the garments for you and your nearest and dearest.  

As the Amber Fox wove a meandering route through the worlds, she saw many incredible things. Though she was scared as she stepped forth from her toadstool house, the stars beckoned her and soon the trepidation gave way to anticipation….


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